Is Colorado the Healthiest State in the US?

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Although Colorado’s obesity rate is the lowest in the country, the rate has increased each year. In 2020, Colorado recorded the lowest number of obesity among adults, according to the CDC. However, only 24.2% of Colorado adults were obese in 2020. Colorado’s impressive numbers are thanks to many factors.

Obesity is defined as a body mass index of 30 or greater. The disease has many health complications, including heart disease, cancer, increased risk of COVID-19 hospitalizations, diabetes, strokes, and many other problems. Additionally, obesity is linked to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. By having the lowest state-wide percentage of obesity, Colorado’s population avoids many of these diseases, ensuring Colorado’s legacy of being the healthiest state in America.

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The prevention of obesity leads to the prevention of many other diseases and disorders. PC: Olga Kononenko

Leading the country with the lowest obesity rate isn’t new for Colorado, as they have had the lowest or second-lowest obesity rate since 1995, as stated by Axios. With the geography and opportunities Colorado presents, citizens feel the need to use the bewildering state to their advantage. Although Colorado isn’t warm all year, the mountains provide ski areas to burn 500 calories an hour. The climate and physical land traits of this state allow for biking, hiking, skiing, and so much more. There is an activity to pursue in Colorado at any given point in the year, which is not always an option for others. According to Patch, Colorado is ranked last in the nation in the percentage of physically inactive adults. In addition, people drawn to outdoor activities with more active lifestyles may be tempted to Colorado, therefore, lowering its obesity rate by simply persuading active people to move to the area. Although physical activity is a key factor in ensuring citizens’ health, there are other factors to consider.

Besides the enjoyable activities Colorado citizens have access to daily, the food is typically more organic and fresh. Colorado Living states that Colorado has 100 farmers’ markets, making cheap, organic, locally sourced food readily available. Not only that, but Colorado’s medical research is among the top in the US. The availability of innovative medical centers allows anyone struggling with obesity or coming close to it to receive the medical help they need. With the impressive mix of factors, it is no surprise Colorado is at the top of the US’s healthiest states.

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  3. BMI is a terrible metric to base any type of health statistic on because it doesn’t take into account body composition. A heavier, muscular, in-shape person may be considered “obese” even though they have a body fat percentage less than 10%. It’s time to use a new a metric.

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