O’Brady Hopes to Break Record For 50 State High Point Challenge

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Colin O’Brady. Image: Wikipedia

Professional endurance athlete and world record holder Colin O’Brady is setting out with a new goal in mind- to break the 50 State High Point world record. The challenge involves summitting each state’s highest point, and the current record has the challenge completed in 41 days. The outdoor enthusiast, Yale swimmer, and pro triathlete’s hope is to push his physical and mental limitations and complete the journey in less that 30 days.

The 50HP Challenge goes back to 1966, and only 273 people have summitted all 50 high points. O’Brady hopes to change that by traveling 13,000 miles across the country through over 25 State Parks and National Forests as well as 5 National Parks. He will run, bike, walk, and climb over 300 miles of trail to set the record.

Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Center will sponsor O’Brady on the expedition, being sure he is adequately prepared and that his nutrition needs are met throughout the challenge. 


Schedule of the trip. Dates may change depending on the actual Denali summit date. Image: colinobrady.com

The record clock will begin when O’Brady summits Denali in Alaska at 20,320 feet. The other high points are scheduled as shown above, but could change depending on his actual summit date of the mountain.

O’Brady is calling for participation and hopes to bring the community together to enjoy their local outdoor environments. He’d love to see people hike a mile or more with him on the trails, stand at the top of their state’s high point with him, or gather with other community members at the trailhead to cheer him on.

This video outlines the roadtrip and O’Brady’s gal for the challenge:

You can follow O’Brady’s mission at colinobrady.com or on Instagram at instagram@colinobrady. 

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