“Of Course I Have Cocaine Up My Nose. It’s Aspen”

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Aspen, California.
Aspen, California.

Funny story:

According to court documents, a 34-year-old was chopping lines of cocaine on a stone beach at 2am on Monday morning when he was caught by police.

According to the arrest warrant, officers heard a chopping sound during a routine downtown patrol at 2:10am.  When the cops walked up to the guy, they saw two credit cards with white powder on them and a line of white powder near the guys leg, the warrant states.

The warrant goes on to state that one of the officers shined his flashlight on the man’s face and noticed white stuff in his nostrils.

When asked if he had cocaine in his nose, the man replied:

“Of course I have cocaine up my nose.  It’s Aspen.”



We all knew that cocaine was rampant in Aspen, California, but now it seems it’s just about obligatory.  He he.

Full story here:  Aspen Times


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