Which Olympic Sport is the Fastest?

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The fastest Olympic sports

Which Olympic sport is the fastest?  Without thinking, most of us would assume luge or bobsled or skeleton.  It make sense, right?  If you’re going to travel at dangerous speeds, you’d want to be in some kind of vehicle or at least on sled you could bail off of.  Alas, neither is true.  Once again, skiers win.  Johan Clarey of France once skied at 101mph in a World Cup race.  Whoa.

A downhill skier vs. a bobsled? A comically dressed curler vs. a brawny hockey player? Sure, each sport is dierent — some more graceful, others more death defying, and all performed in varying conditions — but all share something in common: the need for speed. The Washington Post analyzed the speeds of all major disciplines represented in the Sochi Olympics. This is how far and how fast an athlete typically travels per second: – Wahington Post

Check out the PDF here for more information:  The Fastest Olympic Sports

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