[OLYMPICS] Gold For Team USA in Freestyle Skiing Mixed Team Aerials

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Team USA took gold yesterday at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in the first-ever freestyle skiing mixed team aerials event. Favorites China took silver.

China led after the first of three rounds, but last year’s world championship individual silver medallist Chris Lillis put down a spectacular run to score 135 points, with Justin Schoenefeld doing enough on the third jump to take the gold medal.

“This has been a three-year process for us, for me getting ready for this Olympic Games and being able to throw those quintuple twisting triples.”

– Chris Lillis

Canada took the bronze. The reigning world champions, Russia, failed to make it to the final.

Teams consist of three athletes and must be mixed, although can be either two men or two women. The US team consisted of Chris Lillis, Ashley Caldwell, and Justin Schoenefeld.


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