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Meet the company that’s making strides in the touring industry; Big Sky Mountain Sports. Photo: P.M. Fadden

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More than a mere review of a product, this is an analysis of experience, because it is experience that spurs the pursuit of passion at all. And a sure mark of a passion is the clarity of its voice which, on snow-bright spring days, all but shouts ‘Tour!’

Fun with a foundation of effort. Photo: P.M. Fadden

A vehicle for independence as much as a unique discipline of the sport, Ski Touring is a return to roots while opening access to some of Earth’s most awesome, unforgiving terrain–which is exactly where the right gear matters most.

Bridger Bowl; a mighty proving ground for BSMP products. Photo: courtesy of Big Sky Mountain Products media

Born in the Rockies of southern Montana, Big Sky Mountain Products[BSMP] is a down-to-Earth company manufacturing gear to outlast missions on a global scale. The three mountaineers who own as well as operate BSMP make it clear that the Bozeman-based firm is “for adventurers  by adventurers.” Their dual-pronged focus of quality-plus-service sets a high standard in mountain sport experience with a product line that’s noted for long-life as well as low environmental impact.

In brief: BSMP is a little company that delivers BIG. 

NOTE: knowledge of avalanche safety as well as skinning techniques are critical components of a touring experience. Fortunately, Big Sky Mountain Products also offers guidance on getting started with both.

Little box, lots of goodies. Photo: P.M. Fadden

The care package that arrives following an BSMP order contains everything required to get the show on the road. In addition to toe hooks and the skins themselves, a BSMP purchase includes an exacto knife, nail & rivets, glide wax, a nifty sticker, plus choice between two tail hook styles. And the novice need not worry about sizing, because every skin purchase comes with an illustrated, easy-to-follow page of instructions, which doesn’t necessarily pertain to the technology behind the equipment but does speak to the quality of a BSMP experience.

Nothing quite like a quality wax job 😉 Photo: P.M. Fadden

By now the skins are sized, hooked and applied to the ski, which means its time to lay on that wax. A healthy coat of wax goes a long way to both extending the life of a skin as well as enhancing its performance (especially when breaking in a new purchase). Simply grace each skin with a good rub-down–following the grain of the plush–and it’s good to glide.


  • Quality nylon plush: a calling card of BSMP skins, but the company ups-the-ante with a supple fiber set at a low exit angle. The combination allows pleasant glide while maintaining grip.
  • Excellence in Peel: here BSMP ranks right up there with Bananas and Oranges. The company describes its skin glue as a “defining quality” of the product. The adhesive bonds like a buddy, hangs on whether times are frigid or balmy (think -40 to 70F) and leaves no trace in its wake.
  • Killer Cord: lightweight, super tough, and tenacious when it comes to glue.
  • Hyper-strong Hooks: tip and tail attachments to sustain thee mountain’s hardest knocks but keep on skinning.
About to reap the reward… Photo: P.M. Fadden

When it comes to the equipment itself, the uncompromising eyes at BSMP have distilled, exactingly, the company’s design and manufacturing decisions. The result: a BSMP signature-technology that optimally balances dynamic factors such as snow quality/stability, exertion efficiency, degree of difficulty, and mission time, all of which makes for a safer, more enjoyable experience–and line.

Big Sky Mountain Products aim to enable through education, to drive with performance and, most importantly, to motivate adventurers like themselves. Seek them out, and skin into the ‘next level’ of touring.




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