Ontario, Canada Man Killed in Skydiving Accident

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An Ontario man was killed in a tragic skydiving accident on Friday. | Photo courtesy Andreea Resmerita/Town and Country Today

A Canadian man has been tragically killed in a skydiving accident in the Westlock area of Ontario, a known spot for skydiving.  Canadian police officers say the 36-year-old skydiver fell to the ground in a field near Haley Lake, according to Edmonton News. Few other details have yet to be released.

The accident happened just before 2 p.m. Friday, about 3 miles from Edmonton Skydive Centre, located at Westlock Airport. Calls to the Edmonton Skydive Centre by CTV News Edmonton were not returned, so it could not be confirmed that the company that took the man up for the jump.

Edmonton Skydive Centre’s last reported fatality was a little over four years ago in August of 2016. That one happened during a competition, Edmonton News reports. Another fatal accident one year earlier was the first in Edmonton Skydive’s 30-year history, according to the club.

In this case, police have said foul play is not suspected. 

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