2 Resorts Are OPEN in North America for You to Ski This Weekend…

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Timberline Lodge ski area on Mt. Hood, OR.

Over the last week or so, as COVID-19 restrictions across the country are relaxed, a number of resorts have started talking about reopening. 2 of those, both in Oregon, are doing more than talk about it and will be open and turning their lifts this weekend. Of course, not everyone can ski there and strict social distancing measures will be enforced, but for the lucky few, get out there and shred!

timberline lodge, oregon
Current conditions at Timberline Lodge.

Timberline Lodge was the first to confirm they would definitely be reopening. The ski area on Mt. Hood, OR will be open daily. Operations will be from 9 am-3 pm daily. There are a few rules in place though, so don’t just think you can rock up, buy a ticket, and jump on a lift and today is sold out already. For more details, check out their website.

  • Online reservations will be required to visit Timberline.
  • Timberline will be using mandatory Check Point stops to ensure you have a reservation and that you understand all protocols.
  • Advanced skiers and riders are preferred.
  • There will be no terrain parks for the initial opening.
  • Backcountry visitors do not need an online reservation but still must use the mandatory Check Point stop.
  • Liftlines will observe 6-foot spacing, all must wear goggles/glasses, masks, gloves, visitors must ride chairlifts only with those whom they live with.
  • Strict guidelines will be in place for visitors to Timberline including the wearing of facemasks and social distancing.

As anticipated, the daily allotment of Timberline Ski Area reservations were gone very quickly. Due to Covid and a completely new world in ski area operations, the daily allotment is well below our typical carrying capacity. To keep our guests and employees safe, we need to get this right, promoting responsible social distancing protocols while adhering to new processes and making adjustments as conditions change. Believe us when we tell you, we would like nothing more than to see all of our customers enjoying outdoor recreation at Timberline. At this time, that is simply not the right thing to do. If you were not able to secure a reservation today, we understand your frustration, however we thank you for understanding the bigger picture and the reality of what it means to ski and snowboard on Mt. Hood in the current scenario. Please be patient and kind with our staff as we work through the ski area opening. There will be another reservation opportunity tomorrow at 9am. Again, please exercise kindness, understanding, patience and restraint. Thank you. #timberlinelodge #skioregon

Timberline Lodge Instagram

oregon, bachelor, ski resort, open
Mt. Bachelor, OR. Credit: Mt. Bachelor

Also, open this week will be Mt. Bachelor. From Saturday, May 16th Bachelor will be open for 9 days before closing for the season on May 24th, to 2019/20 season pass holders only. Skiers will be limited to 500 each day. Daily reservations and check-in are required, and all guests must social distance and wear PPE. For more details, check out their website.

“Maximum two (2) guests per chair, facemasks, eyewear, and gloves are required in lift lines, boarding, and on chairlifts – no exceptions.”

– Mt. Bachelor, 5/14/20

bachelor, oregon
Current conditions at Mount Bachelor.

Arapahoe Basin in Colorado is expected to reopen, but not until at least May 25th when the Colorado Governor allows them, and Beartooth Basin, WY/MT, has announced they will be opening on May 30th. For now, though, these two Oregon resorts are where it’s at.

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  1. So now if you’re not on the ball only a select few people are allowed to shred I live in Tahoe for 30 years and I hope we Figure this out so when our ski resorts open I don’t have to fight with the Bay Area kooks to ski and I live here i’m glad things are starting to turn around but what a bizarre world we live in

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