Opening Dates for South American Ski Resorts | One is ALREADY OPEN:

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Las Lenas, Arg.  yesterday
Las Lenas, Arg. yesterday

Are you guys freaked out about this at all?  South America is getting record early season snowfall this year.  Ski resorts are going to start opening this weekend down there and the conditions aren’t going to be bad.  Oh, yeah, and one ski resort, a good one, El Colorado, is already open…

In other words, you could get on a plane tomorrow and be skiing by Thursday in a crazy cool country south of the border.  That should be enough to freak you out even if you have no intention of going…

Las Lenas ski resort in Argentina is claiming 70cms (28 inches) of snow so far this fall on the summit.  

Valle Nevado, Chile.  yesterday
Valle Nevado, Chile. yesterday


El Colorado, Chile = June 6th (yeah, already open…)

Antillanca, Chile = June 12th

El Colorado, Chile.  Yesterday
El Colorado, Chile. Yesterday

La Parva, Chile = June 13th

Corralco-Lonquimay, Chile = June 14th

La Parva, Chile.  yesterday
La Parva, Chile. yesterday

Las Lenas, Argentina = June 20th

El Fraile, Chile = June 20th

Catedral, Bariloche, Arg.  Yesterday
Catedral, Bariloche, Arg. Yesterday

Catedral (Bariloche), Argentina = June 20th

Cerro Castor, Argentina = June 20th

Cerro Castor, Arg.  yesterday.
Cerro Castor, Arg. yesterday.

Portillo, Chile = June 21st

Nevados de Chillan, Chile = June 26th

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