Opening of Summer-Only Ski Resort Passo Stelvio, Italy, Overshadowed by Fatal Accident

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The Vice-President of the Sulden Mountain Rescue died in an accident while clearing the Stelvio Pass road. | Picture: Sulden Bergrettung

The Italian summer-only ski resort Passo Stelvio opens today, June 1, 2023. Unfortunately, this year the seasonal opening is overshadowed by the fatal accident of one of the men working hard to clear the narrow-winding road to allow cars to get to the remote ski resort.

[Archive Photo] The Stelvio Pass road with barely any snow in peak summer. | Picture: Passo Stelvio Resort Website

On May 22, 2023, Anton ‘Toni’ Reinstadler was working with his brother Olaf on the pass road when he lost his balance and fell 165ft to his death. The 55-year-old Italian was an experienced mountain rescue worker and was busy securing the road from avalanches. Toni and his brother were on their descent when the tragic accident occurred.

The site of the tragic accident at Passo Stelvio, Italy. | Picture: 3 Ländereck Raetica Facebook Page

Toni was a highly experienced mountaineer who had led several difficult mountain rescues. Toni was an Alpine Guide and Vice-President of Sulden Mountain Rescue, and his brother Olaf the President. Their team from the Alpine Rescue has always been helping out to clear the slopes of the Stelvio Pass road.

Sulden Mountain Rescue crew with helicopter. | Picture: Sulden Bergrettung

Unlike last year, when the Stelvio Pass Ski Resort was forced to close in August due to warm temperatures, this year, the area experienced a lot of late snowfall in April and May. The pass road was covered in deep snow, requiring extensive preparations; unlike last year, snow on the road was minimal, leading into the summer skiing season at Stelvio.

Stelvio Pass
Stelvio Pass in May this year. | Picture: Passo Stelvio Ski Resort Website

Toni Reinstadler left behind a wife and two children and was a much-loved local figure renowned as an artist. His wood-carved sculptures are featured along a local hiking path in Sulden.

Rest in Peace, Toni. | Picture: Sulden Bergrettung Facebook Page

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