PSA: Ortovox Issues Safety Advice for Faulty Avabag Cartridges

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Ortovox Avabag Cartridge Carbon models featuring dark blue cartridge adaptors have been found to be faulty. It is advised that safety checks are carried out before each use and any cartridge experiencing pressure loss can be replaced at specialist dealers.

Ortovox has unfortunately established that some Ortovox Avabag Cartridge Carbon models from a specific production period may lose pressure. The reason for this is a faulty cartridge adaptor.

Under unfavorable conditions, this could impair the activation force of the Avabag airbag system.

Only cartridge adaptors from one production series with dark blue adaptors are affected. All other cartridge adaptors (light blue and silver) are from a different production series and thus unaffected. Loss of pressure can be reliably identified as part of the weight check that is essential before any use of the system.

To rule out any risk, Ortovox is sending a precautionary safety notice stressing that it is imperative to check the weight of the Avabag Cartridge Carbon before each use of the Avabag airbag backpack. A detailed description of how to check the weight of a cartridge can be found in the instruction manual supplied with every Avabag airbag backpack.

If the weight check shows that there is no pressure loss, the cartridge can continue to be used without concern. Cartridges demonstrating loss of pressure can be replaced at a specialist dealer.

All information and instructions on how to check your own cartridge can be found on the Ortovox website. The Ortovox service team can be contacted by sending an email to or calling 0049-89-66675 215.

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