Outdoor Retail Company evo Announces New Campus Location in Tahoe City, California

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SEATTLE (July 11, 2022) – evo, the outdoor retail and experiences company, today unveiled plans to build a new campus location in Tahoe City, California. Campus Tahoe City will be centrally located on the shores of North Lake Tahoe, in Tahoe City, right across from Commons Beach, enabling both locals and visitors easy access to recreation. The site is currently occupied by the historic Tahoe City Inn building and America’s Best Value Inn, which evo plans to honor through restoration and pay homage to the location’s roots.

Like Campus Salt Lake, Campus Tahoe City will provide a place for the community to gather, bonded by a passion for the outdoors and the culture that surrounds the lifestyle. The common threads for all evo Campus locations are experience-forward spaces, with a blend of complementary offerings designed for the local community.

“Our aim is to provide a gathering place for the community, anchored in our shared love for the outdoors,” said Bryce Phillips, Founder and CEO of evo. “We are really grateful to have this opportunity in Tahoe. It’s a place that is truly magnetic for us — so many great people and relationships from over the years, the beauty of the region, its culture — all intersect making this an especially exciting next step for evo.”

Together, evo, evolution Projects and JK Architects will reimagine the site as the brand’s second evo Hotel. This will be complemented by a flagship retail store and recreational amenities. In addition to those key elements, the campus will also include:

  • A café and bar
  • Service shop
  • Vibrant community programming and events
  • An art gallery space and art throughout the entire Campus

In addition to elevating the existing space, the evo team also envisions a second phase of development for new construction in the future that will allow for expanded amenities and offerings.

“This Campus project will breathe new life into the existing buildings and do so in a way that celebrates the local surroundings. We are inspired to spotlight the culture, art and recreation in this fantastic community, generating even more excitement about the area and its heritage,” said Tommy Trause, Head of New Locations Development and Hospitality at evo.

Alongside retail stores and experiential offerings, evo wants Campus Tahoe City to contribute to a thriving community center and is looking to incorporate several units of Workforce Housing on property as well.

The all-new Campus location will look to increase access to the outdoors for the bustling Tahoe community and the compilation of likeminded business will work closely with other local retailers to ensure customers are getting the gear, expertise, and guidance to adventure. Since announcing its plans, evo has received enthusiastic support from both customers and other local businesses.

Brendan Madigan, owner of Alpenglow Sports, believes evo’s entrance to Tahoe could help uplift morale and keep the city economically relevant post-Olympics. “Alpenglow Sports is a 42- year-old anchor of Tahoe City – we’ve always sought to give back to the community that has given us so much. I’m excited to partner with our new neighbors as we share an intersectionality of community compassion and care. A rising tide truly lifts all ships, and we’re excited to collaborate with such a compelling group for the betterment of Tahoe City and the North Shore at large.”

“I’m beyond stoked to welcome evo to Tahoe City because they have a strong history of not just building a store, but building a space for art, creativity, activity and community. evo being a part of Tahoe City will be a key factor to the rebuilding and reinvigoration of North Lake Tahoe around the community that calls it home,” comments Cody Townsend, Tahoe-based professional skier.

While the campus has a target to open within the coming two years, evo’s Head of Marketing Rebecca Heard has confirmed that evo is excited to connect with the Tahoe community prior to the official opening. Heard says, “we are deeply committed to understanding the community needs prior to opening and will be hosting a community open house & social on Thursday September 15th. We’re inviting residents and locals to explore the project, hear from evo employees and leadership, ask questions and more.” To learn more about event, you can sign up here for updates.

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  1. haha Econ 101

    I’m going to enjoy watching this one try and get permitted through the tree hugger bureaucracy that is California + Tahoe.

    After they spend the next 5 years battling the red tape, rack up huge attorney/consultant fees and see how much cost was added by satisfying the 8 state and local jurisdictions they have to satisfy they will pull the plug the project. THIS WILL NEVER GET BUILT

    As I’ve said many times on this site and will say again. The tree huggers have accidentally made places like Tahoe unobtainable/unaffordable to the common man and 99% of the population.

    Cruise around Tahoe and look at all the boarded up buildings and old foundations from torn down buildings. Why is there not new somewhat affordable products takings its place? Added construction costs and project delays from red tape associated with Tree Hugger created bureaucracy is your answer. Why do only the 1% seem to be able to get stuff built in places like Tahoe? The answer is they are the only ones who can afford to manage/pay their way through the Tree Hugger created bureaucracy.

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