Eager Riders Stay Overnight at Mt Hutt, NZ, to be First to Ride New Chairlift on Opening Day

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overnight, mt Hutt, New Zealand,
Eager riders spent a night outside at the resort to be the first to ride the brand new chairlift. Credit: Mt Hutt Facebook

A group of eager skiers and boarders slept overnight at Mt Hutt resort in New Zealand to be the first to ride the resort’s new eight-seater Nor’west Express chairlift on opening day today.

The group, all donning t-shirts with the slogan ‘First on Chair’, came prepared for the all-nighter with beer and portable speakers.

“You can’t sleep, it’s like so cold, so I brought some portable speakers, a few beers, who cares — just chilled out on the chairlift and just chat.”

– Skier Ben Yorston

The riders slept on the new chairlift, as temperatures plummeted to around -2ºC (28ºF).

Mt Hutt recorded record crowds as ski season got underway as early season snow raised the stoke for what people are hoping will be a bumper season. Some areas are seeing double the interest they did before the covid-19 pandemic.

Mt Hutt plans to be open until October 17th, 2021.

Mt Hutt trail map

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