Paid Parking Plans in Avon, CO to be Introduced Next Season Due to Crazy Traffic to Neighboring Vail

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As ski season is beginning to dwindle, the town of Avon is considering a paid parking plan in order to manage traffic for next season. After an influx of traffic this past ski season, the small town neighboring Vail experienced an explosion of visitors. Particularly those looking for parking with access to the free ski shuttle. 

Roads along the shuttle’s route became packed with cars, especially on weekends and pow days. With the amount of visitation on the rise and no current parking system, the town found it hard to manage. Without any guidelines on how to park and sporadic fines, parking became a free-for-all. 

For this reason, council members have begun discussing how to maintain traffic for next season. Town Council remains a 3 to 4 split, with those in favor in the majority. Town Council members like Scott Prince, don’t think there’s any need for a change in the parking plan. He stated that the majority of the congestion was on Benchmark Road and only on select days. 

“I think we’re trying to solve a problem that is only one day a week,” Prince said in an interview

However, on the opposite side, according to Council Member, Chico Thuon, the goal of implementing a paid parking system isn’t to penalize anyone for parking. The city has seen an influx of tourism and traffic and it needs to be managed. By charging for parking, it will offset the costs of producing signage and solidify a plan to regulate and give order to the parking situation. 

While cost and parking policy talks are still in the works, the council has tossed a few ideas around. The town doesn’t plan on charging enough to make a revenue. The first three hours would be free and after that either $2 or $3 an hour. Since the season is still a few more months away, the Town Council plans on solidifying it closer to the start of next season.

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  1. I think you mean “neighboring Beaver Creek”, not “neighboring Vail”. I don’t think skiers are parking in Avon to commute to Vail.

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