Palisades Tahoe, CA Report: 103″ of Snow in 7-Days…

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Report from December 28, 2021

Today was a wild one at Palisades Tahoe, CA.

Palisades Tahoe just broke their all-time record for December snowfall at 199″ and there is 6-10″ of snow in the forecast tomorrow.

They’ve seen 113″ of snow in the past 7-days.

The morning started out with blue skies and The Fingers looked perfect…

I went straight for my favorite cliff to backflip and…

I learned just exactly how NOT to do a backflip off a cliff!!

The Fingers at KT-22 today. image: palisades tahoe/Kate Abraham

It’s always a bad sign when you land a backflip with zero skis on…

I was feeling super tired this morning after 13-hours of driving, 1-hour of skiing, & only 6-hours of sleep yesterday and I kept telling myself that I was going to take it easy…

Right up until I saw that my favorite Cliff to backflip was in and looking fabulous.

John and the saw he uses to cut roof cornices. image: snowbrains

As I approached it 2 guys beat me to it and I stopped to let them clear out and potentially crash and get up cleaned up and move on.

After waiting for about 30 seconds I pointed it and decided to go more left than I usually do to make sure I didn’t land on anyone and make sure I didn’t land in a bomb hole.

Bad plan.

Tram Face. image: snowbrains

There are a lot more rocks to clear when you go further left and I didn’t have enough speed to clear them.

3/4 of the way through my backflip the tips of my skis hit the rock so hard that they came clean off and I finished the flip with no skis and luckily landed on my feet!

I was feeling pretty dejected all day after this crash…

Big lines on KT. image: snowbrains

At least the POV of it is pretty fun to watch!

Anyway, I got my skis back on and went and skied Easy Fingers and they were spectacular.

I went and hucked Ice Goddess and was feeling better after that 🙂

KT-22. image: snowbrains
Tracks and light. image: snowbrains

Palisades Tahoe went off today.

Ross Tester (Freeride World Tour competitor) a huge flat 3 off Hatchet Line in The Fingers, flashed The Middle Knuckle and did a ton more that was mind-blowing.

Ryan Faye (former Freeride World Tour competitor) was also going off with backflips off KT Gap, a ferocious Middle Knuckle, and more.

A bit of wind effect. image: snowbrains

I felt very humbled at Palisades today…

People were going off all around.

Not much was open due to avalanche danger so the line on KT was pretty long and after 4 runs I decided to head home and rest up a bit before noon.

Palisades Tahoe. image: snowbrains


  • We just got an emergency alert on our phones that says:  “Tahoe Hwys are at a standstill. Traffic will be turned around for safety by NDOT”
  • We are getting reports of there not being any gas in Tahoe City, Kings Beach, Truckee, Auburn.

Snow Numbers

image: palisades tahoe, 12/28/21

Weather Forecast

image: noaa, 12/28/21


The Fingers. image: snowbrains
Shoveling the roof and Tram Rock. image: snowbrains
Patrol heading up. image: snowbrains
Miles hucking Ice Goddess. image: snowbrains

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