Palisades Tahoe, CA Report: 341″ of Snowfall Already This Season | Wet & Wild Supreme Cream Powder Day on KT-22

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Report from January 14, 2022

Brought to you by Palisades Tahoe

Yesterday was yet another powder day at Palisades Tahoe, CA.

Palisades has seen 341″ of snowfall already this season and the storms have been wild.

The storm yesterday was wet & wild.

Snowy. image: snowbrains

We showed up early for KT-22 and the first run was like a heli-ski run…

The lines at KT were long due to it being a holiday weekend (Thanks, Dr. King!) and the upper mountain being shut down to strong winds and high avalanche danger.

It was wet.

Real wet.

Industrial. image: snowbrains

After four runs, my gloves were completely soaked through and my hands were getting so cold.

I’d decided to go in but then saw that Olympic Lady chair opened and I couldn’t resist.

One more amazing Red Dog Ridge run in some of the creamiest powder I’ve ever skied.

It was a great day out there and Sunday might be even better…


image: palisades tahoe, 1/15/22


image: noaa, 1/15/22


Pre game. image: snowbrains
Miles, Dane, & Brando. image: snowbrains
Happy powder seekers. image: snowbrains
Lined up and dumping. image: snowbrains
Experts only. image: snowbrains
The Fingers. image: snowbrains
Criss cross. image: snowbrains
My Air tree. image: snowbrains
Fingers. image: snowbrains
My Air Tree. Hit by lightning in 2017 I think. image: snowbrains
KT-22. image: snowbrains
Olympic Lady. image: snowbrains
Simmons Rock. image: snowbrains
image: palisades tahoe, 1/15/22

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