Palisades Tahoe, CA Report: Fun Fingers Mini-Project Yesterday

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SnowBrains Fun Fingers Mini-Project on March 9, 2023. #1: Ice Fall. #2: Engerbretsen’s. #3: Engerbretsen’s to Middle Finger. #4: The Box. image: snowbrains

Report from March 9, 2023

Brought to you by Palisades Tahoe

Yesterday, I showed up to a sunny Palisades Tahoe after a monster snow cycle consisting of 2 weeks of blower powder.

The previous day, Wednesday, was especially good at Palisades.

Palisades announced they were closed for the day due to severe weather, then sneakily squeaked out on Twitter that they were going to open KT-22 at 1pm.

The snow was perfect, the storm passed, the sun came out, and the skiers and riders went off.

I showed up yesterday to leftovers in the sun.

But, I wasn’t feeling it just yet…

I skied mellow terrain off KT and a Broken Arrow lap before the sun vanished and cloud took control.

These clouds represented the atmospheric river that has been hitting Tahoe since yesterday with rain and snow.

After all my friends left, I started feeling a bit more saucy and confident on my skis.

I dreamed up a fun idea.

A Fun Fingers Mini-Project.

I started with The Box and it was scratchy in spots but pretty good.

Then Engerbretsen’s.

Then Engerbretsen’s again but with more style.

Then Engerbretsen’s to the Middle Finger.

Then Ice Fall.


Then I wanted to hit Hatchett Line, the Main Air Double, Banana, and maybe even the Middle Finger.

With every run, the storm gathered strength and the visibility got worse.

Conditions were pretty darn bad – especially in the steeps – but I needed to get reacquainted with these phalanges.

I called it after Ice Fall and zapped laps on Chute 75, West Face, and Dead Tree with Gudren and Joe.

Dead Tree was full-on pow by about 2 pm.

Then, the wind shut KT down at about 2:30pm and I headed home very happy.

I needed that.

Thanks, Palisades!

(It’s been raining today in Tahoe.  It started snowing again about 10:30am but a very wet snow and light.)


image: palisades tahoe, 3/10/23


image: noaa, 3/10/23


Miles hucking off the bottom of the Middle Finger. image: snowbrains
Broken Arrow wind. image: snowbrains
KT-22. image: snowbrains
Long lines to start the day. image: snowbrains
KT. image: snowbrains
Fingers carnage. image: snowbrains
Industrial skyline. image: snowbrains
Tremigo restaurant. image: snowbrains
Carne asada burrito at Tremigo. image: snowbrains

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  1. Thanks for the afternoon tour with Gudren! If you have any cool footage of the laps we did, I’d love if you could share it with me. Cheers and enjoy the rest of the season!

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