Palisades Tahoe, CA, Report: So Deep They Had To Dig Out The Chair Line | Approaching 600″ of Snowfall This Season

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Report from March 7, 2023

Brought to you by Palisades Tahoe

We arrived early and waited for KT to open.

The wind was ripping…

The opening was delayed until 10am due to the wind and crazy weather.

The snow is so deep right now they had to dig out parts of KT-22 so that our skis wouldn’t get caught in the snow…

Funi. image: snowbrains

I was 3rd chair and went straight for West Face.

I was wrong…

The snow was the deepest dust on crust I’ve ever experienced.

So deep they have to dig out the chairs! image: snowbrains

I think…

Despite 1-2 feet of new snow, I was hitting ice moguls.

They didn’t feel good.

KT. image: snowbrains

My confidence was shot.

I went back up with a new attitude:  just keep it together and don’t get hurt.

I skied with some happy, mellow friends and just cruised around looking for soft snow.

Dobb with pocket prosciutto. image: snowbrains

Red Dog Ridge and Alternate Chute 75 held the best snow we found.

Trevor and I even did a lap up the Funitel and skied the bottom of the Broken Arrow zone.

Just after we finished our last lap on KT we found out that the hike from the Funitel to Broken Arrow opened but we were tired and decided to call it a day at 2 pm.

The Fingers. image: snowbrains

When I got home, I found out that Aaron Fox did a huge backflip off the KT-22 chair.



Craig and dogger. image: snowbrains

Big snow if forecast tonight and tomorrow and then big rain on Friday.

We’ll see how it goes…

Thanks, Palisades Tahoe


image: palisades tahoe, 3/7/23


image: noaa, 3/7/23


KT-22. image: snowbrains
KT. image: snowbrains
The Fingers. image: snowbrains
Industrial. image: snowbrains
Tram Rock. image: snowbrains

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