A Panel Of Ski & Snowboard Experts Name Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, CA The Best Ski Resort In North America

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Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, CA. Image: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

According to USA Today, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, CA is the number 1 ski resort in North America. Every year the site asks a panel of ski and snowboard experts about the best ski resorts in North America. They compile a list of 10 resorts and for the third year in a row, Squaw Valley came out on top.

North Bowl off Headwall at the resort was looking filled in on Monday. Image: SnowBrains

The resort opened for the 2017/18 season on Friday, November 17th, 2017. It has been off to a great start with relatively cold temperatures, plenty of fresh snow, and beautiful sunny days. The resort not only has a lot of incredible terrain to offer, but the atmosphere is unprecedented. If you get the chance, head out to Squaw this season and see for yourself why these experts voted it the Best Ski Resort in North America.

“To be recognized as the USA Today and 10Best Readers’ Choice Winner of ‘Best Ski Resort’ for the third consecutive year is something for which our entire community can be very proud,” said Andy Wirth, president of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, in a statement.

Squaw has been skiing extremely well this early season.  Just have a look at this video from Squaw on Monday:

Squaw Valley, CA Conditions Report: Powder, Flips, Hucks, & Obnoxious Amounts of Fun

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7 thoughts on “A Panel Of Ski & Snowboard Experts Name Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, CA The Best Ski Resort In North America

  1. So a group of “experts” humiliated themselves ….. –> to a point that you would have to be subhuman or completely ignorant of any thing to do with skiing in North America , …..Not to pity those that they could make such a DERANGED statement ……
    And that’s worth reporting ? I guess so … as a warning to the rest of us about those people…..
    Aside from being DERANGED, being somehow on the cash flow of that place is the only other sensible thing that can be presumed by the informed and KNOWLEDGEABLE reader.

    Oooh the Pity !! … like you’d feel if you saw a starving person eating a dump you left. HEY GOOD FOR THEM !! LET THEM STAY AT SQUAW AND EAT IT !!! THEY WILL HAVE A GOOD EVEN GREAT SEASON —snowise, but still a tokyo subway and all benched out 40 yard dashes aside from the CITY OF KT-22)
    OR TWO A DECADE UNTIL BECOMING COMPLETELY UNTENABLE​ & IRRELEVANT FROM CLIMATE CHANGE BEFORE INGRIDS — “The most iconic female skier in the world ” oooh honey, look what you’ve let squaw do to you– shoulda stayed at Crystal or not forgot what it should have taught you) & that’s the whole other reality of Squallywood = land of wannabe’s ) BABY GETS TO COLLEGE.
    If you like going to malls !!!???

  2. ^^^Yes, no other ski resort in the west has crowds, closed upper mountain during storm cycles, wind holds and douche bags. Just squaw

  3. Loved to death by the cheap pass crowd. KT-22 is a great lift, but it’s rare that you can ride it without a 30 minute wait.

    And if there’s any fresh snow, the upper mountain will be closed, and you’re stuck with 45 minute waits for all of the lower mountain lifts.

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