Park City, UT Forced to Close Terrain Indefinitely Due to Lease Dispute with Nearby Landowner

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Park City, Utah, land dispute,
Park City trail map with the disputed land highlighted. Credit: Park City

Park City Mountain Resort, UT has had to close two areas of double-black high-elevation terrain, potentially for the remainder of the season, as the result of an unidentified landowner opting not to renew a lease, the resort told The Park Record on Thursday.

According to a spokesman at the resort, Scott’s Bowl and West Scott’s Bowl are closed to the public based on the loss of the lease. The closure is until further notice.

The two bowls, accessed by the Jupiter lift, are close to the resort boundary. The statement indicated the resort will post signs and ropes marking the closure. The closure will also include terrain located between Scott’s Bowl and Constellation, a nearby ski run. The statement indicated terrain that is open off Pinecone Ridge will be accessible from the Quicksilver Gondola mid-station.

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Jupiter Peak at Park City, Utah. Credit: Whitney McIntosh

The resort said the landowner “has chosen not to renew the lease” after an agreement was in place for longer than 14 years. The statement said the talks with the landowner continue, “but it is likely that this area will not open for the 2018-19 season.”

“Fortunately, the rest of the terrain surrounding Jupiter Lift will be open for normal operations this season,” the statement said.

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7 thoughts on “Park City, UT Forced to Close Terrain Indefinitely Due to Lease Dispute with Nearby Landowner

  1. Ropes are meant to be ducked. Thats the way it’s always been and always be. Catch me if you can .

  2. And spread the word to respect the rope. Just because those who duck the rope don’t value their lives in closed avalanche terrain, doesn’t mean the patrollers who have to go in there and save their dumb asses don’t value theirs. Some of us who need to help the stupid, would love to return home to their families at night.

  3. So the very real possibility of death is worth ducking a rope , the kid at aspen, the ski instructor at sugarbowl , the doctor at MT. Rose .
    All three died as a result of their decision to go into closed terrain.
    Plus at park city you will be trespassing so if you don’t trigger an avalanche, you will most likely lose your season pass and be charged with trespassing, that seems worth it . Respect the rope .

  4. People who willfully duck the ropes are trespassing and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The stupidity of others doesn’t make it right,
    Risking death for a few Powder turns isn’t worth it.
    Respect the rope and ski somewhere else. Chris call is an idiot for suggesting it’s ok to duck a rope into closed terrain,
    Ducking the rope has consequences, the poor kid who died at sugar bowl paid the ultimate price for his hubris.

    1. Chris never suggested it is OK to duck a rope. He is just aware of the reality of the situation: people will do it to get to terrain they have skied before.

  5. This is silly. People are going to still ride this terrain. It’s right in the middle of everything. Will they try and police it by taking away passes? People will STILL duck the ropes constantly. If they stop working on the terrain for avalanche danger, then there’s further risk to people who do and will duck the ropes.

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