Park City, UT, Base Redevelopment Plans Spark Online Petition

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PCMR Redevelopment
Park City Base Redevelopment Proposal via PEG Companies; image:

In February of 2020, PEG Companies submitted plans to redevelop the base at Park City. Over the past two years, in cooperation with Vail Resorts, Park City’s owner, PEG, has deliberated with the city. 

Their plans include developing up to 800,000 square feet of dense structures across a ten-acre site. It would consist of condos, hotels, a retail space that would house multiple stores and restaurants. By developing so many amenities, there won’t be much room to park the way it is now. PEG proposes building a parking garage and implementing a shuttle system to off-site parking. 

As the project has been in the works, it hasn’t gone unnoticed by local community groups. The Responsible Resort Area Development Coalition, RRAD, has been the biggest advocate against the redevelopment plan. The coalition has been very vocal at meetings drawing attention to the flaws of the plans and, most recently, how it violates city codes. RRAD recently launched a petition which advocates against the most recent proposition from PEG. 

The petition cites that current plans violate the city’s height restrictions. Since the plans would allow for a higher volume of people to reside and hang out in the area, parking would become scarce. To combat this, PEG and Vail Resorts have proposed underground parking in the form of parking garages. To make this happen, they would need permission to build over the city’s limit of 35ft. The plans include buildings as big as 100ft. 

While the petition doesn’t hold any legality, it does draw attention to the proposal and voices the community’s concerns. The more people that sign it and are aware of the future development, the more pressure will be placed on city council members and the planning commission to vote “no.” RRAD is not against potentially redeveloping the base area of the Resort. They believe PEG Companies’ projected plans are not the right fit for the community. 

Initially, the public hearing was scheduled for a vote on March 28th. However, it was rescheduled. A date has not yet been set, but it will be voted on in the coming months. PEG has been pushing for a vote since late 2021.

Park City Redevlopment
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2 thoughts on “Park City, UT, Base Redevelopment Plans Spark Online Petition

  1. The final death of PCMR. They literally haven’t even been running several main lifts this season with no explanation. No Thaynes, No Sun Peak, No Dreamscape. Almost no grooming at Canyons side, Canyons terrain park gone forever it seems. Massive lines and traffic gridlock. Outraged community members holding angry town hall meetings. But hell yeah lets build some massive condo development in place of the public parking lot. I used to think everyone was being dramatic with their Vail resorts hate but its literally worse than anyone here would have thought.

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