Park City, UT Closing Weekend Report: Hand-Dragging a Slush Wiggle Paradise at 60ºF

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

Report from April 29 & 30, 2023

Park City, UT’s closing weekend was a wicked scorcher.



But the snow was still good.

The wiggle was crazy fun.

Only 3 lifts were open and we stuck to Cresent.

The Wiggle! image: snowbrains

Cresent boasts 1,700-vertical-feet and quite a few options.

Makes sense that it’s one of the only chairs left rockin’.

The slush runs skier’s left of the chair were long, slushy, and great.

Tailgate strong. image: snowbrains

The park and pipe and rails all looked great but I didn’t partake.

To be honest, we mostly hit the wiggle.

The wiggle was long and deep and well-made.

Wiggle! image: snowbrains

We were huffing and puffing at the end of it every time.

We were grinning ear to ear every time.

Park City’s official closing day is tomorrow, Monday, May 1 – so they can say they were open into May 😀

Closing weekend was a blast and we were very impressed by the tailgate scene.

BBQ’s, costumes, tables, chairs, beers, food, kids, dogs, and good times.

Thanks, Park City!


Park City, UT. image: snowbrains
Kid went for a lap! image: snowbrains
Hand dragging the Wiggle. image: snowbrains
Park City’s Cresent Chair. image: snowbrains
Wiggle. image: snowbrains
Park City. image: snowbrains
Park City. image: snowbrains



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