Park City, UT Report: Terrain Park Update

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Report from Monday, January 12, 2021

I’d gotten jealous of my buddies throwing backflips all over the mountain at Squaw Valley, CA the past few weeks so I hit the park at Park City Ski Resort, UT yesterday and threw 10 backflips and 10 360ºs.

I feel better now.

The level of skiing and riding at the Park City terrain park off the Pay Day chair was impressive.

Small children with coaches throwing tricks I cannot even name.

Kids in Red Bull helmets.

 The park off the Pay Day chair is great right now:  about 10 rail features lead to two table top jumps.

One step down and one step up.

The step down is medium and the step up bigger.

After those two jumps there must about 40 rail features of shapes and sizes.

I even saw kids throwing backflips onto rails yesterday.

I was by far the worst rider in the park.

My 360ºs and backflips were mundane but I had a riot executing them.

When Park City has enough snow they have 8 terrain parks.

With current snow levels they only have one, but it’s damn fun!

Snow Numbers:

image: park city, 1/12/21


image: noaa, 1/12/21

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