[VIDEO] ‘Passage’ – A Short Film That Exemplifies Tatum Monod’s Raw, Creative Talent—On and Off the Slopes

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Passage is more than just a ski movie.

Passage is Tatum Monod’s gift to skiing.

It’s a risky endeavour that pushes the limits of the modern day athlete; a vulnerable showcase of struggle, perseverance, and breakthrough; an award-winning display of storytelling and cinematography; and most importantly, an opportunity for freeskier Tatum Monod to establish herself as a creative visionary.

Shot throughout the Coast Mountain range and Canadian Rockies, Passage traces the highs and lows of Monod’s career, and her deeply-rooted family lineage in the sport. Along with setting a new standard of freeskiing, and earning the title of “Standout Female Skier of the Year” at the 2021 iF3 Movie Awards, Monod worked closely with CK9 studios to write, script, and oversee the entire production of the film.

“This was a creative project I’ve had my sights set on for as long as I can remember. I came to a point in my career where I was feeling a little burnt out.”

– Tatum Monod

Check out the player above to watch the film that won “best editing” and “best short movie” at this year’s iF3 Movie Awards, and check out RedBull.com to read Monod’s full interview about the project.

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