Patagonia Gives Employees A Week Off for the Holidays

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patagonia brand
Patagonia label, image: Malik Skydsgaard

Patagonia decided once again to give employees the week between Christmas and New Year off. All Patagonia employees in the US and Canada, including offices, retailers, and warehouses, are receiving pay for time off from December 25th through January 1st. 

Patagonia continues to lead the retail industry in taking care of its employees. CEO Ryan Gellert explains that this closure is because we believe in providing quality of life for our people.” 

His statements on the closure were met with ample positive feedback on LinkedIn, “A week off at the end of the year is unheard of in retail. Patagonia is yet again a leader in quality of life areas for employees!” one person wrote.

The 50-year-old privately owned company with only 70 stores worldwide is making waves as the pioneer of excellent employer-employee relations. Many hope other retailers may look to Patagonia and take inspiration from their actions. 

patagonia holiday announcement
Patagonia Facebook announcement, image: Patagonia Facebook

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