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Many people have heard of or have seen the Patagonia R1 hoody; a technical multi-use fleece. Equally comfortable and functional when worn as a base or mid layer, this piece has earned its Patagonia name. The Patagonia R1 hoody is part of the Patagonia Regulator family, designed to regulate body temperature during aerobic activities, providing both insulation and thermoregulation as needed.


The R1 hoody is optimized for colder weather. However I found it functional and comfortable in a range of temperatures; from skinning in the 50 degree sun near Mt Baker, paddling the Tanana River in 40 degree rain, or frozen midwinter touring. The versatility of the R1 has simplified my layering choices; it packs great warmth for its bulk and is comfortable to layer on top of.

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Steve Zissou approves. Author’s brother on the Tanana River, AK.

The construction and material choice in the R1 hoody incorporates two densities of quick drying gridded fleece. The body of the Patagonia R1 is made from 6.8oz Polartec PowerDry gridded fleece and the hem and cuffs are made from 5.4oz Polartec PowerDry fleece. The quick-drying fleece quickly sheds moisture and heat, maintaining a comfortable core temperature. The gridded fleece throughout the body is impressively warm thanks to the gridded backing that traps a layer of warm air. When needed the larger surface area and trapped air allow the gridded fleece to dump heat and moisture with vents open or without a windproof layer.


Patagonia R1 Hoody features:

-Scooba hood

-Thumb loops

-Asymmetrical chin zipper

-Off-shoulder seams

-Polartec PowerDry gridded fleece throughout the body

-Chest pocket


The fit of the R1 is slim and technical with no unnecessary material. The technical fit enables the gridded fleece to trap a layer of warm air against the body, making the R1 hoody significantly warmer when worn under a shell or windproof layer. Because of this the R1 can be worn as a base layer or as a midweight fleece. The fit is conducive to layering, with no bunching or loss of motion when layered under an Arc’teryx Atom LT and Alpha SV.

photo 1

Pick your season, its going to come with!


The attention to detail and thought put into the design of the R1 hoody are what you would expect from Patagonia. The scooba hood design of the R1 is low volume and well articulated, allowing it fit easily under a helmet, trucker hat, or other headwear. The quarter zip of the R1 is very deep allowing for easy access while the asymmetrical zipper fights chin chafing on cold wet pow days.



It’s in the details. Thumb loops, asymmetrical zipper, scooba hood.

The thumb loops on the R1 are very well articulated and feature flat seams to eliminate bunching inside of gloves. Combined with excellent sleeve length the R1 hoody never comes up short, providing a warm integration between upper layers and your gloves. The R1 was designed to integrate with packs by removing seams from the weight-bearing areas of the shoulder, even when carrying 40+ lb expedition packs.

Patagonia R1 Review SkintrackR1 on the skin up to Artist’s Point 


The Patagonia R1 is optimized for cold weather expeditions and activities but is adaptable for use in all seasons. From kayaking the Tanana River to ski tours on Stevens Pass, the R1 has proven to be an excellent regulating midlayer, trapping and dumping heat as needed. For cold-weather aerobic activities I usually pair my R1 hoody with my Arct’eryx Atom LT Hoody. At home in the outdoors, the technical fit of the R1 hoody means I will be leaving it at home when heading out for a night at the bars.

Winter 2013/2014 Colors: Graphite Navy and Lotus Green. Jump over to and snag a Patagonia R1 Hoody for $159.00.


Lotus Green, it shows dirt, you’ll look legit. 

Bottom Line: super versatile fleece equally at home skiing the BC and inbounds


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