Patrollers Trigger Huge Avalanche with 14-Foot Crown at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY

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Woah! Credit: @lynseydyer

After Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY celebrated their best February ever before the month is even out, it’s no surprise that all that snow led to some pretty risky, and serious, avalanche situations.

This avalanche was triggered by ski patrollers performing avalanche control on Monday, February 18th, 2019.

The avalanche crown is estimated by some to be about 14-feet deep.

A skier was fully buried in a ‘very large’ avalanche for 8 minutes over the weekend off Teton Pass. 

He was buried 3-5 feet down.

Other avalanches were reported in the Tetons over the weekend as well.

Huge props to ski patrol for keeping us safe!

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