Peak Performance Introduces Second-Hand Platform ‘WearAgains’ to Help Minimize Environmental Footprint

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Giving garments a second life with WearAgains | Image: Peak Performance WearAgains

In this day and age of companies pushing consumers to purchase new and improved snow gear each year, Swedish brand Peak Performance is thinking outside the box and focusing instead on sustainability.

‘WearAgains’ was introduced last year as a buy-and-sell concept of new or lightly used clothing at their flagship store in Stockholm, Sweden. Essentially acting as a centralized re-sale location for their products, the company offered an in-store second-hand option for their brand. Now Peak Performance has taken another step in the right direction and has taken the same offerings of ‘pre-owned’ and ‘re-loved’ products, expanded it to an online second-hand platform and brought the in-store WearAgains offering to more stores. This is another step in the right direction to help in the battle of achieving the status of climate neutral by 2050.

Sustainability and minimizing the already excessive imprint within the industry are key factors behind this initiative. However, making the products with quality input materials and lots of love produces gear built to last and is the building stone for a project like WearAgains.

This new model for Peak Performance shows the continued efforts of brands to recognize the issue of over-consumption and offer reasonable, efficient solutions. REI, Patagonia, and The North Face are a few companies that have also implemented similar strategies to re-sell used products. Effectively doing so significantly extends the product’s lifespan, reducing the unnecessary over-supply of goods and helping to lower their footprint.

Max Palm WearAgains
Max Palm on the Freeride World Tour wearing a 30-year-old Peak Performance jacket. | Image: Peak Performance Facebook

“The earth cannot keep up with overconsumption, waste, pollution, conflict, deforestation, de-glaciation, over-fishing, social injustices, and plain human stupidity.  Fostering resale is an important way that we can do better.”

– Peak Performance

If you’re lucky enough to be in Sweden, you can buy autographed second-hand gear from some snowsport legends, like Hedvig Wessel or Henrik Windstedt, who have supported the initiative.

Before buying that new, snazzy-looking jacket this year, consider the footprint we leave behind as consumers. Check out gear at a local consignment or up-cycle store, websites like Geartrade, or maybe your favorite brand offers something similar. Do you know of other great projects like this? Let us know in the comments!

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