Yep, People Are Still Skiing On The East Coast

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Tuckerman's Ravine Summer, East Coast
One patch of snow still remains on Tuckerman Ravine. Photo Credit: Mount Washington Observatory

Skiing isn’t a winter sport, it’s a snow sport. There’s still one last patch of snow on New Hampshire’s Tuckerman Ravine, and some determined souls were able to get some August turns (or a turn?) in.

Summer Skiing, East Coast
Photo Credit: Justin Quinn / Facebook

It’s very likely that this is the last patch of snow in the Eastern United States. Tuckerman Ravine is on the flanks of Mt. Washington, and the base of the cirque can accumulate a massive snowpack due to avalanches and wind-deposited snow.

August Snow East Coast
Photo Credit: Per Devore / Facebook

Sadly, the patch will almost certainly melt before the Ravine’s first measurable snowfall, which typically occurs in mid-September.

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  1. This is my cup of tea. I ventured a similar crazy skking on last snow here in Czech Rep.

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