Hometown Mountain Shoutout: Perfect North Slopes, Lawrenceburg, Indiana – ‘Swoosh, Swoosh, Splat!’

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Aerial View of Perfect North. Credit: Perfect North Slopes Facebook Page

With a peak elevation of 800 ft lending a 400 ft vertical drop, an annual snowfall of 18 inches, and sporting a base snowpack of 3-4 ft, you would be hard-pressed to find a finer hill in the heart of the Midwest. Perfect North Slopes is a short day’s drive from major cities like Cincinnati, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana. This hill makes it an enticing and attractive option for a day or weekend adventure. Some enthusiasts go as far as to say that Perfect North has somewhat of an “up north” vibe to it, which tends to draw folks from the neighboring states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Full Send Mode. Credit: Perfect North Slopes Facebook Page

The birth of Perfect North Slopes (PNS) began in 1980 and came from the Perfect Family, who sold cattle for the funding of PNS. Initially, it started with simply two handle tows and a rope two on the two ski runs on the main big hill. There were also two rope tows on the bunny hill. Fast forward to 2022, it now embodies 23 runs with the longest run being one mile long. It encompasses 100 acres of skiable terrain. Of the 23 runs, almost half are rated as intermediate and five are for beginners with the remaining being at the expert level.

This hill makes it ideal to learn the ropes of skiing or snowboarding. While on the topic of “learning the ropes,” Perfect North offers skiing and snowboarding lessons and equipment rental. Speaking of snowboarding, it wasn’t until 2002 that Perfect North allowed snowboarding and made it one of the last remaining resorts to reject snowboarders.

Trail Legend of Perfect North Slopes. Credit: Perfect North Slopes Facebook Page

If you are wanting to give the skis or snowboard a break, snow tubing is offered. Once you’ve had an EPIC day on the slopes, you can relax in the day ski lodge where there are solid meal and drink offerings.

Folks having a ball while tubing. Credit: Perfect North Facebook Page

A typical season starts in late November and/or into the early/middle parts of December and typically goes through the middle part of March. You can expect about 90 days, give or take during the winter months, for your skiing or snowboarding adventures.

I will never forget the first time I came to Perfect North Slopes before Christmas break was beginning. I was 12 years old and in junior high school. The school was hosting a field day trip where most of the 7th-graders journeyed to Perfect North. I can easily playback that first drive up to Perfect North. The drive was about an hour away but felt like it took forever since I was filled with excitement but yet trepidation. It was my first experience with skiing.  To say I was scared is an understatement. At that time of my life, I was not the risk-taker I am today. The slopes seemed massive and so intimating at the time.

I remember strapping on my boots and locking into my skis for the first time and thinking to myself how awkward this felt. Once I got properly adjusted, I remember scooting down the bunny hill in full-blown pizza mode. I remember my legs feeling shaky and my heart rate racing as if it was yesterday. I worked hard to simply try to maintain my balance and composure. ‘Swoosh, swoosh, splat!’ sums up my experience. The rush I felt going down that bunny hill was a feeling I always come back to even today. Today as a 32-year-old, I get that rush and in-the-moment feeling when I’m out adventuring in the mountains, especially during the winter months. In some ways, this brief exposure of skiing set the tone for what was to become my passion and love for winter recreation.

So, if you are looking for a place to do winter sports and live in the Midwest, then I highly recommend Perfect North Slopes to provide a fun-filled day for you—whatever level of winter sport enthusiast you happen to be. Exploration, engagement, and excitement will sum up your experience.

Expansive Aerial view of Perfect North. Credit: Perfect North Slopes Facebook Page

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