Perisher, Australia, Report: Great Snowbase for the Rest of the Season

Julia Schneemann | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Getting away from the crowds backcountry, picture: Julia Schneemann

Apologies for omitting last weekend’s update but I was on competition duty at a moguls competition and then got a bad case of laryngitis.

So let’s jump in where we left off, in the last 10 days we have had 28in (70 cm) of snow of which 6in (15cm) in the last 24 hours. Snow descended all the way to Jindabyne, making the drive up to the skitube quite treacherous for some, leaving several cars in the ditch this morning. Roads were clear in the afternoon but you should still expect potential snowfall or frost overnight.

Catching some first tracks at Blue Cow
Catching some first tracks in Blue Cow on a weekday morning, picture: Julia Schneemann

Temperatures are going to stay low for the next few days but look to be warming up to 6 degrees on the weekend. There will be some snow flurries but forecasts are about 1-2in (2-5cm) per day at most for Wednesday and Thursday.

A word of warning: traffic and lift queues have been incredibly busy as the news of the recent snowfall have spread. Expect delays traveling to and from the mountain, especially on weekends. Also remember, this week is Interschools competition so lift lines in the Front Valley are incredibly busy.

Trying to avoid the crowds? Try heading backcountry, picture: Julia Schneemann

If you want to avoid excessive waits and crowds, I would recommend avoiding weekends, or maybe coming later in the season. Perisher does not close until October 3 or even later, given it’s an above average season here. Alternatively, if you are locked in for dates, try heading out backcountry if you’re an experienced skier. Please make sure to take the appropriate equipment with you though and to not venture out alone or without submitting a trip plan.

If you’re a beginner skier, why not head to Smiggin Holes which has been far less busy than Front Valley.

Perisher Resort Map
Trail Map Perisher Resort, picture: Perisher Homepage

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (“BOM”) forecasts southwesterly winds of 15-25 miles per hour (25-40 kmh) for Wednesday and some light snowfall, probably in the evening. The snowline is expected to stay low for Wednesday but will increase to above 1500m by Thursday. Be careful on the roads up to Perisher!


Pete the frog
Perisher 3-day forecast by Pete ‘the Frog’ Taylor

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