Photo Tour: Wildfires Continue to Ravage Colorado

Clay Malott | FireFire
wildfires, colorado
Map of current Colorado wildfires. Photo credit: NOAA

There are currently 4 large wildfires currently raging in the Colorado wilderness. The Pine Gulch, Grizzly Creek, Williams Fork, and Cameron Peak fires have been burning for almost two weeks, and have burned a collective 130,000 acres as of this article. Officials say the fires have been expedited by particularly dry conditions and excessive heat.

Pine Gulch Fire

wildfires, colorado
Photo credit: Denver7
wildfires, colorado
Red sunset due to smoke from the Pine Gulch fire. Photo credit: Clay Malott
wildfires, colorado
The smoke has settled into many mountain valleys, including the Roaring Fork Valley, shown here. Photo credit: Clay Malott

Grizzly Creek Fire

wildfires, colorado
The Grizzly Creek Fire continues to rage in Glenwood Canyon as I-70 goes over a week closed. Photo credit: KKTV
wildfires, colorado
A DC-10 drops flame retardant on the Grizzly Creek Fire. Photo credit: CBS Denver

Williams Fork Fire

A smoke plume from the Williams Fork Fire towers over the surrounding wilderness. Photo credit: Denver7
Smoke from the Williams Fork Fire renders the sky an intense red color. Photo credit: KDVR
Smoke from the Williams Fork Fire towers over Dillon Lake, CO. Photo credit: CPR

Cameron Peak Fire

Smoke from the Cameron Peak Fire plumes above the forest. Photo credit: Colorado Public Radio
Crews battle to contain the Cameron Peak Fire. Photo credit: Wildfire Today
The Cameron Peak Fire rages through the Northern Colorado wilderness. Photo credit: CBS Denver

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