Research Worker in Antarctica Shares Hilarious Photos of ‘Cooking’ Outside at -112F

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Antarctica, frozen
Spaghetti and brass-monkey balls. Credit: Cyprien Verseux

Cyprien Verseux is a glaciologist and astrobiologist, currently working on the most remote scientific base in the world: Concordia Station in Antarctica, an environment so extreme that not even bacteria can survive.

Antarctica, frozen
Nutella art. Credit: Cyprien Verseux

When not busy collecting samples and doing historical climate research, Cyprien keeps a blog to share his experience of living in this extreme environment. Cyprien and a small group of scientists are alone at the base in the depths of an Antarctic winter…

“Nine months a year, during the winter, it cannot be left or reached,” Cyprien told Bored Panda. “It is so cold that vehicles can’t come and go. We are currently 13 people: technicians, scientists, a cook and a medical doctor.”

Antarctica, frozen
Scrambled eggs? Credit: Cyprien Verseux

The coldest area on Earth, with temperatures reaching below -112°F in winter, the sun rarely passes the horizon and the air is extremely dry and poor in oxygen. Just for fun, Cyprien decided to go outside and have a go at ‘cooking,’ taking photos of different kinds of foods in the deep freeze. These gravity-defying pictures give us some idea of the intensity of the cold down there in Antarctica.

Antarctica, frozen
Bread and honey. Credit: Cyprien Verseux
Antarctica, frozen
Just noodling around. Credit: Cyprien Verseux
Antarctica, frozen
Melted cheese/raclette… Credit: Cyprien Verseux

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