[PHOTOS] First Major Snowfall of the Season in South America

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Photo: Las Leñas Resort

As the Northern Hemisphere ski season is finally wrapping up, it’s beginning to snow south of the equator. Earlier this week, South America was hit by a massive storm. Las Leñas resort reported a snowfall of 80cm (32 inches) at the base and 140cm (56 inches) at the summit. Even more exciting is that the Andes are getting more snow over the next few days, with some resorts forecast to see up to two feet of snow. An El Nino event is expected to begin in the next few months, which raises the question, will this finally be the year for the Andes?

Smaller storms have begun to drop snow in New Zealand and Australia. The Remarkables near Queenstown, NZ, reports that 40cm (16 inches) has fallen in the last week, and other resorts have reported similar totals.

Photo: The Remarkables


Photo: Cerro Bayo Ski Botique
Photo: Cerro Catedral
Photo: Cerro Chapelco
Photo: Ski Portillo
Photo: Nevados De Chillán

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