[PHOTOS] Lake Tahoe’s Stunning Lupine Super Bloom is in Full Swing Right Now

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North Lake Tahoe’s beaches are being taken over by a lupine super bloom right now. These sorts of blooms are not uncommon, according to Active Norcal, but the one going on right now is surely out-of-this-world gorgeous.

Lupines are a plant that thrive in sandy, loose soil and are commonly found on the sides of lakes or by the beach. Active Norcal reports that areas like Folsom Lake or the Humbolt Coast also experience these pretty blooms but the one in Tahoe is especially worth seeing right now.

Here are some social posts curated from the internet that show the extent of the bloom’s beauty right now:

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5 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] Lake Tahoe’s Stunning Lupine Super Bloom is in Full Swing Right Now

  1. LOL! So you just called yourself a Moron, posting because of the word Tahoe. I’ll like your post.

  2. Stunning photos! The wildflowers this year are over the top around my place as well. Too bad the internet morons gotta find something negative to say every time the word “Tahoe” is used on here.

  3. So come one and all to…. somewhere near….Tahoe and let’s over crowd an already overrun mountain town, it’ll be good for their economy, because that’s all that really matters, right. Money money money

  4. Most of those pics of lupine are at Prosser resevoir in Truckee which is NOT Tahoe
    more false truths on the internet again
    go figure

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