0.02% of North Korea’s Population Can Afford to Ski… | New Mega Ski Resort Nearly Completed

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North Korea has made major steps towards finishing their mega ski resort in Masik.  Kim Jong-Un has been photographed touring the still unfinished ski resort complex and North Korea’s state news agency has released the images to the public.  They claim the ski resort is nearly complete.

Neither France nor Switzerland would sell North Korea chairlifts citing North Korea’s human rights violations.  Chairlifts are considered luxury goods and luxury goods are prohibited in the sanctions against of North Korea.  North Korea called this refusal to sell them chairlifts humans rights abuse.


The North Korean military, the 4th largest on Earth, is building this ski resort and its hotels.  

The photos below show Kim Jong-Un checking out couches, bedrooms, lobbies, constructions sites, and ski runs.  State media claims are hoping to have this operational by this winter.

Since no one would sell North Korea chairlifts, they have been making their own:

‘We can make nuclear weapons, rockets… and ski lifts.” – North Korea


It has been reported that only 0.02% (5,500 people) of North Korea’s population could potentially afford to ski.  

North Korea is one of the poorest nations on Earth.  A 3-year famine in the 1990s killed between 900,000 & 2,400,000 North Koreans.  In 2013 there have been reports of famine, mass malnutrition, and food shortages.  North Korea relies heavily on food & financial aid from the developed world to keep it’s population alive.  

“North Korean food output is one of the lowest worldwide; in early 2013, the UN identified North Korean government policies as the primary cause of the shortages and estimated that 16 million people required food aid.”wikipedia

Is a ski resort good for North Korea?  Would you ski in North Korea?

It will be very interesting to see if anyone shows up to use this new mega resort in Masik, North Korea and what their plans for its use are exactly.



– Located on Masik Hill in the Kangwon Province of North Korea

– 3 functioning lifts this year

– 68 miles of runs

– 27 terrain parks for all abilities 

– 2,500 feet = Masik Hill highest elevation.  4,400 feet = Highest elevation peak in Masik area 

– Heavy snow reportedly falls in the Masik region from November to March

– Tram, exclusive hotel, heliport will be part of the ski resort

– Cold winds come off Siberia and keep North Korea very cold in winter allowing for low elevation snow and skiing




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