How To Pick a Backcountry Ski Partner:

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Your ski partner is key
Your ski partner is key

Picking your backcountry ski partner is key.  A bad partner could cost you your life, a good partner could save your life, a great partner could help you to an accident free excursion.  Silverton Mountain’s Doug Krause puts in his two cents on the subject for Powder Magazine.  Here’s an excerpt:

Who you ski with is potentially more consequential than what you ski. A strong partner enhances your ability to crush deep powder in big mountains and to meadow skip in the sun with beer and hot dogs. Choosing a partner is an undervalued backcountry skill.

Poor choices are easily recognized. They are long on mouth and short on ears. Displays of irrational exuberance and an inability to support opinions are hallmarks of the brazen twit. The overly passive drag on a partnership, adding little.

Start with a plan. Ideally, you seek someone who complements your strengths and supplements your weaknesses, but make sure you bring something to the relationship. Both sides benefit from a partnership. Consider the following characteristics: ability, attitude, and communication. – Doug Krause/Powder Magazine

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Backcountry Essentials: Pick A Partner

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