Spring Plowing Operations Next Week Will Close Roads in Grand Teton National Park, WY

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Plowing of Teton Park Road will begin Monday 14th March 2022. Credit: NPS/C. Adams

Over-snow access on Teton Park Road ends this weekend

Spring plowing will begin in Grand Teton National Park on Monday, 14th March. The plowing operations mark the end of over-snow access on the 14-mile section of the Teton Park Road between Taggart Lake Trailhead and the Signal Mountain

Rotary snow removal equipment and plows may be working at any time, and the roadway will be closed to all users at all times until further notice. Visitors may not access Teton Park Road for safety reasons once plowing operations are underway. Skiers and those on snowshoes using areas adjacent to the roadway are cautioned to avoid the arc of snow blown from the rotary equipment because pieces of ice and gravel can be thrown great distances.

Teton Park Road is anticipated to be accessible to activities such as cycling, roller skating, skateboarding, roller skiing, walking, jogging, and leashed pet walking on 1st April. There may be non-motorized access from Taggart Lake Trailhead to the Jenny Lake parking area earlier f conditions allow. Grand Teton will provide updates via the park’s Facebook and Twitter.

Teton Park Road will open to motor vehicles on 1st May.

Other park roads such as the Moose-Wilson Road, Signal Mountain Summit Road, Antelope Flats Road, East Boundary Road, Mormon Row Road, Two Ocean Road, and Grassy Lake Road remain closed to vehicle traffic when posted or
gated in the spring. These roads may close temporarily to accommodate snow removal operations. The opening dates of these roads vary from year to year and are dependent on weather, snow conditions, plowing progress, wildlife activity, and
road conditions.

The paved multi-pathways in the park are open to use when they are predominantly free of snow and ice.

Grand Teton national park, map, Wyoming,
Grand Teton National Park map. Credit: NPS

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