The SnowBrains Podcast #20: Daron Rahlves – 4 Time Olympian, King of Kitzbühel, and World Jet Ski Champion

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Daron Rahlves

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“To me, downhill is number one. It is the most thrilling, most dangerous, highest speeds, and biggest air. My top speed recorded was 91mph. The fastest ever recorded was 100.6mph by a French guy.”

– Daron Rahlves on The SnowBrains Podcast

My guest today is four times Olympic skier Daron Rahlves. Daron was on the US Ski Team from 1993 to the year 2010. He has twelve World Cup victories, 28 World Cup podiums, three World Championship wins, seven US National titles, and in 2008 he was an X-Games gold medalist for skier cross.

He’s the only American in the World Cup era to win the Super Bowl of skiing; the Hahnenkamm downhill in Kitzbühel, Austria. Daron is also the only American to win the Super-G in Kitzbühel. Daron saw seven podiums in only five years in Kitzbühel which is unmatched in American history – Kitzbühel is just such a big deal.

He has been to three Olympics as a ski racer, then one as a skier cross athlete. He was also the world jet ski champion in 1993. His Dad had the world waterski jump record at 158-feet back in 1964, which is insane!

Daron has done the Baja 1000 motorcross race on a motorcycle in 2006, and took a terrible crash which he tells us about.

In 2010, Powder elected him for ‘Line of the Year’ in their video awards, which is nuts. He’s also been an athlete for TGR, MSP, Warren Miller, and Rage Films. Most of these he’s just crushing big lines in Alaska and all over the world. Daron has been a Red Bull athlete since 2003.

Daron grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, and now calls Truckee, CA home.

“I had a run of hip dislocations. Six. It was brutal; it is a pain you do not want to experience. I ended up having surgery after my last one because I figured there was something wrong. I had these two that to me felt like something was wrong.”

– Daron Rahlves on The SnowBrains Podcast

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Episode #20: Daron Rahlves – 4 Time Olympian, King of Kitzbühel, and World Jet Ski Champion

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The SnowBrains Podcast | Episode #20 | Daron Rahlves – 4 Time Olympian, King of Kitzbühel, and World Jet Ski Champion

Recorded on April 20, 2020, in Valdez, AK (Miles Clark) and Truckee, CA (Daron Rahlves).

This episode was edited by Robert Wilkinson.

Music by Chad Crouch.

Host, producer, and creator = Miles Clark.

The SnowBrains Podcast. Skier: Miles Clark. Location: Jackson Hole, WY. Photo: Sasha Motivala.  Date:  March 2020

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