PondoZ Introduces Snowboard Slippers – Protecting Your Board and Vehicle Alike

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Protect your snowboard and vehicle with these innovative snowboard slippers. Credit: PondoZ

Emerging gear protection brand PondoZ released its Snowboard Slippers product for the ‘22-’23 season, and riders from all over are already seeing the value for traveling to the mountains.

“After the enthusiastic reception to our protective ski slippers and detachable carry strap, we wanted to find an easy-to-use solution for snowboards, too. Sometimes a bag just isn’t what you need. Even when using a bag, we know that lots of people wrap their snowboard in towels or clothes. Not only does that take time, your bibs or coat can easily get slashed from sharp edges, which nobody wants!

We heard from customers that they especially wanted protection for their boards when loading them into their trucks, their roof boxes, or SUVs with seats folded down. So we set out to design a low profile solution that keeps the edges slightly lifted from the metal truck bed, and protects the tips and tails as you slide them into the rooftop carrier with other gear.

We’re proud that our customers like our products as much as we do, with five-star reviews for all of them. Plus, they are made in the U.S.A.”

– Robin Gianakopoulos, PondoZ Founder and CEO

The Snowboard Slippers protect the edges of the board itself, and keep car materials like leather or felted backs safe from wear and tear during loading and unloading.

While the Slippers prevent top sheet dings and keep snowboard tips and tail edges sharp, users shared that they are also perfect for keeping truck beds, car leather, and plastic trim pieces from getting scratched. The Slippers help users avoid the cringe-worthy experience of their metal edge grinding against car seats or plastic trim.

PondoZ is the right way to travel. Credit: PondoZ

“The protection while traveling is great. I will recommend any Pondoz products to all my friends and family as they are made with great care and craftsmanship.”

– Brandon H.

PondoZ lightweight Slippers are perfect for the mountain commuter who doesn’t need a full ski or snowboard bag, but still wants a layer of protection for their gear and vehicle.

The versatile products are designed for those traveling across the country who might want some extra padding in their hard case or thin bag, or for the weekend warriors driving a couple of hours to the slopes.

PondoZ prides itself on its innovative, patent-pending gear protection being made of durable materials that will last season after season. The Slippers and detachable carry strap are manufactured in Boone, North Carolina with tough, waterproof materials. They’re designed for mountain travel and will hold up to being dropped in the parking lot or smacked up against other gear.

For more information about PondoZ gear protection offerings, visit Pondoz.com.

Doubles as carrying strap too. Credit: PondoZ

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