Portland, OR Sees 1st Measurable April Snowfall in Recorded History

Martin Kuprianowicz | | Industry NewsIndustry News

As far as anyone is concerned, it’s never snowed in Portland in April. That is, until Monday of this week when Oregon’s biggest city got dumped on with over six inches of snow in some places from an unlikely spring storm, according to SFGate.

The National Weather Service reported that 1.6 inches of snow fell at Portland International Airport, which is its only recorded snowfall since the airport started officially keeping records in 1940. Portland suburb Happy Valley recorded 7 inches of new snow, SFGate reports.

Because of the unexpected snowfall, schools in the area were closed and utility company Portland General Electric reported that more than 55,000 customers lost power in a six-country region of western Oregon during the peak of the storm, according to SFGate.

Meanwhile, a winter weather advisory is in effect on nearby Mt. Hood, where 8-16 inches of snow are expected to fall between now and Wednesday night. Winter in Oregon isn’t over yet!

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  1. I wonder how many hipsters peacefully protesting (not burning buildings) in the streets of Portland were made wokely uncomfortable during this storm.

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