POWder in the Hood: Mt. Hood Meadows Conditions Report

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POWder in the Hood.  (Very-short version)

POWder in the Hood.  (Longer version)

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Mt. Hood Meadows was AWESOME this weekend.  My buddy and I were up with a few fellow U of O students working with Envision Magazine to do some “action shots.”  Despite the half-cloudy, sporadic whiteouts, it was the perfect day for that bunch–capturing footage ranging from epic stomps to mitten-wrenching, goggle-filling tomahawks; we put on a quite the show for the “Envisionaries” (or so they call themselves).

Pow Turns

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten some legitimate snow.  The entire week, we were drooling over both the Snow-Forecast and NOAA weather reports every few hours, watching as they changed from snowing Monday night to snowing all week with a slight break in the storm on Thursday.  Unfortunately, class obligations tied us down on Thursday (which was bluebird until the afternoon), but we eagerly sped up to the mountain that night in hopes of an epic day on Friday.

UofO Crew

And, Oh–it was epic alright.  There had been a good 6-10 inches on Thursday that was still very much untouched in many places as well as a few more inches Thursday night and Friday morning that made for the best day of our season yet. 

Isolated Backflip

With anywhere from 8″ to a foot of fresh, there was certainly much better coverage than previous weekends, but there’s still not nearly as much coverage as there would be at this time during a typical snow year.  Oregon has been struggling… not as badly as California though, thankfully.

Envision that Cornice copy

Hopefully this last storm has inspired the “Weather Gods” to send many more flurries our way… It looks like the “great old ones” are at least helping to preserve the snow that fell last week by sending us a week of bone chillingly cold temps not typical of this neck-of-the-woods.  And maybe even a few inches to top it off.  I’m hopeful, and you should be too!  All you continental folk should send Oregon the positive snow-energy you’ve acquired from an epic season in the Rockies.

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