Powder Magazine & Greg Stump Present “Legends” with Scott Schmidt

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Powder Magazine and Greg Stump are doing one “Legends” article and video each month.  This month, October, they’re covering Scott Schmidt.  Here they cover Scott Schmidt and his famous Steep Tech clothing.  Admittedly, the video is pretty boring, but it’s always cool to hear anything from Scotts angle.

Schmidt & Plake filming Blizzard of Ahhhsss
Schmidt & Plake filming Blizzard of Ahhhsss

Powder TV presents the second installment of Legends, a series produced by Greg Stump. Scot Schmidt reveals the story behind skiing’s most iconic outerwear. “The same drive and innovation Schmidt used to become one of the world’s most influential skiers helped him create the most iconic line of ski outerwear the sport has ever seen.” —excerpt from “The Extreme Suit,” POWDER Volume 42, Issue 2, by Jamey Voss

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