Powder Mountain, UT Report: Cat Laps, Clear Skies, & Spring Powder

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Report from Sunday, March 21, 2021

Yesterday was one of those days where you show up at the ski area already expecting the skiing to be pretty good but it ends up being really good if not totally epic.

Sometimes Powder Mountain over-delivers—on both conditions and stoke.

Well, yesterday was such a day.

We got there around 9:30 and headed straight for the Lightning Ridge snowcat.

Fat boi in the pow off Lightning Ridge. | Photos: SnowBrains

Powder Mountain reported 9″ of new snow in the past 24 hours but there were certainly times yesterday where we could have sworn it was more.

The snow was great: not exactly blower—slightly heavy, spring powder that floated fast and well yet still light enough to spray all over yourself. 

A calm driver from New Mexico shuttled us up to the top of the ridge and when we got there we saw only a few tracks in the line we wanted to ski.

It was sunny with blue skies and 0 clouds.

All aboard. | Photo: SnowBrains

Eamon was dropping knees left and right on his teles, getting shot after shot of fluffy spring pow right to the face.

We were both grinning ear to ear after our line—it was only the first one of the day, too.

And the day just kept getting progressively better.

After the cat, we laid tracks down a still unskied line off the Paradise Chair, floating smooth snow that allowed for fast speeds down a moderately steep pitch.

Our grins grew bigger.

Fat boi in Powder Country. | Photo: SnowBrains

After a couple more laps in the trees off Paradise, we went exploring and did a lap in Powder Mountain’s Powder Country down to the highway below.

We were the only people skiing here for what felt like miles.

At the road, a friendly white-haired old man in a van picked us up and took us back to the ski area because we didn’t realize that the Powder Country shuttle had already stopped running for the season.

Thanks, Stranger.

Not a skin track. Just Pow Mow. | Photo: SnowBrains

After Powder Country, we went for some more skiing in Cobabe Canyon, and a thick, snowy fog was now hovering over the ski area.

It was here—at 3 pm in the afternoon—did we find our best turns of the day; untracked, deep, soft snow in between aspen trees for a couple of hundred vertical feet.

At the bottom of what was just the best run we skied that day, we looked at each other and wondered how such a tasty, flowy zone of the mountain had remained untouched until 3’o clock when we accidentally found it.

It was super quiet.

Fat boi droppping knees. | Photo: SnowBrains

By now it was snowing graupel, and we skied a couple more laps before calling it a day—it was dumping heavily as we drove out of the parking lot. 

I always expect Pow Mow to be good.

But it was real good yesterday.

Spring in the Wasatch is the best!


Snow Numbers

Photo: Powder Mountain 3/21/21


Photo: NOAA 3/21/21


Photo: SnowBrains
Photo: SnowBrains
Graupel! | Photo: SnowBrains
Hidden Lake Express. | Photo: SnowBrains
Photo: SnowBrains

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