VIDEO: Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Skis Tuckerman’s Ravine, NH

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Current Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson has a long list of accomplishments on his resumé. Some include political involvement such as his two terms as Governor in New Mexico, his home state, while others are of a more classic “American Dream” type like the handyman business he started in order to fund his college career, which grew into a large construction company with over 1,000 employees. But then there are the physical triumphs, many of which are extremely challenging.

Johnson has been an athletic man for much of his life. He has run in many marathons, participated in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, logged tons of kilometers in shorter races, he even completed the Leadville 100 mile run and in most of these he has clocked great times! He has also been known to participate in more strenuous and advanced challenges such as summiting Mount Everest, a most remarkable and respectable feat. But he didn’t just summit Everest, oh no, he did it on a healing broken leg no less. On top of that even, he’s summited all of the tallest peaks on each continent known as the Seven Summits.

What I would give just to be at the base...
Glorious Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world. Source; (The Seven Summits)

So then it comes as no surprise that Gary Johnson also has dabbled in the recreational and competitive sport of skiing. The video of him skiing Tuckerman’s goes to show that no matter where he may be or what conditions he’s facing, he stands up to adversity and conquers the terrain ahead of him.

If our votes were cast strictly based on athletic prowess and accomplishments, Gary Johnson would win the Presidential Candidacy hands down no questions asked. Unfortunate for Johnson, this is not the case and all candidates must remain strong and vigilant in the effort to prevail throughout this election cycle.

Looking good, looking real good
Gary Johnson ready to drop in. Source; (Backcountry Basecamp Dispatch)

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