[VIDEO] PRESS SEND – It’s Just Skiing. It’s Not That Serious, and Winter’s Coming

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Blizzard cut Elyse Saugstad, Connery Lundin, and Noah Gaffney loose in Tahoe last spring to get to work on something VERY serious. They drank no margaritas and had no fun.

Did you get the memo? Elyse, Connery and Noah did, and we think they understood the assignment. It’s about keeping the fun in skiing, not taking yourself too seriously, and skiing as hard as you can, as often as you can. Whether you bag 120 days a year in boots or you’re a proud weekend warrior, we’re all out there chasing the same thing. It’s just skiing. It’s not that serious, and winter’s coming. So whip up that Out of Office and PRESS SEND.

This is the third and final piece of the PRESS SEND series. The first two shorts – featuring Marcus Caston and followed up with a rebuttal from Caite Zeliff – first launched on Instagram last winter.

This latest piece was shot and edited by Scott Gaffney with support from Brad Holmes. The Blizzard family has been close friends and colleagues with the Gaffney family for years. Given the recent passing of Robb Gaffney, it’s bittersweet to be sharing this project at this time. But knowing the doctor and his legacy, we’re pretty sure he’d be stoked to see his son and brother carrying the torch to keep skiing fun.

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