Prince Charles’ Ski Disguise From 1980

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Prince Charles Skiing Disguise
Prince Charles Decked Out in a Fake Nose, Mustache, and Glasses; image:

Skiing provides an outlet for many people, no matter class, race, or gender. Even British Royals have been photographed enjoying the mountains with some time on the slopes. Recently, images from 1980 resurfaced of Prince Charles skiing in Klosters, Switzerland. The Prince would occasionally dress in disguise to avoid attention from photographers and paparazzi. 

Prince Charles has a history of partaking in the wonderful sport of skiing throughout his life. He began skiing at age 14, slowly progressing throughout the years, gaining confidence with all kinds of terrain while in the public eye. The Prince fell in love with Klosters during his visit in 1978. From then on, he tried to visit multiple times a year. He brought many girlfriends on trips there, and even late Princess Diana would join him on his alpine adventures. Eventually, the Prince tried to pass the love of the sport and his passion for Klosters down to his sons with annual ski trips, even bringing the family nanny along. 

Prince Charles and Sons
Prince Charles with Harry and William; image:

Unlike many skiers, Prince Charles was always being watched and photographed. He attempted to ski in disguise in 1980 to convince reporters that the Prince wasn’t skiing that day so he could enjoy some peace on the mountain. Of course, his disguise didn’t work, and reporters enjoyed taking photographs of him in his hilarious costume featuring a fake mustache, nose, and glasses. 

Like it has for many, skiing greatly impacted the Prince’s life, bringing both joy and sadness. It provided an escape for him, but like for many, the mountains both gave and took from him. In 1988 two members of his party, Mrs. Palmer-Tomkinson and Major Hugh Lindsay, were swept away in an avalanche. It was then that Princess Diana vowed never to ski again. At the time Major’s wife was pregnant, Charles promised to pay for the unborn child’s future schooling, and he kept it.

Understandably, skiing has continued to be a big part of Prince Charles’s life. The sport greatly affected his life through the ups and the downs. His love affair with Kloster, as well as skiing, is still strong.

Prince Charles Skiing 2018
Prince Charles in Kloster, Switzerland 2018; image:

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