Pro Skier Starts Sustainable Grocery Business in Jackson, WY

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Sam Schwartz Avant
Sam Schwartz, a professional big mountain skier, started Avant to minimize waste in his hometown of Jackson, WY. Credit:

Professional big mountain skier Sam Schwartz launched Avant Delivery in his hometown of Jackson, Wyoming. Avant is Wyoming’s first business that provides options for sustainable grocery shopping, restaurant takeout, and waste management to its customers.

Avant intends to create a more accessible path to sustainability with its circular model. The company’s services give consumers reusable packaging for grocery shopping and takeout food while also cleaning containers and composting waste after consumption. Their approach centers around local businesses in Jackson, from grocery sourcing to the hauling and composting process.

“After years of shopping in grocery stores avoiding purchasing products with unnecessary plastic packaging, it was so clear to me that the packaging system was broken. In a community like Jackson that lives and breathes the environment and outdoor recreation, we have an obligation to minimize our impact and make sustainability the no-brainer option for local businesses and consumers.”

– Sam Schwartz, Avant Delivery Founder & CEO

Avant’s model begins with their grocery shopping experience. They created their own grocery store sourced from various local vendors in Jackson and offering free next-day delivery. Customers can also order from other grocers in Jackson for a fee of $25 per trip, which Avant will complete the same day and deliver in their own branded, reusable packaging.

Avant sustainability
This pile of trash represents one month of packaging waste from three Teton County households. Credit: Justin Mayers

Partnering with local restaurants and food vendors, Avant has created a network that uses reusable containers for to-go and delivery orders. Members pay a monthly fee of $29.99 to join the reusable program. After joining, Avant delivers a compost box and reusables, which the company collects and replaces each week. Restaurants receive a supply of containers that Avant will pick up and sanitize for them. The move aims to push consumers towards buying local goods while reducing waste at the same time.

Avant’s waste management process is pretty simple. Once finished, customers leave their food scraps, used food containers, and delivery packaging in the box provided. Avant will pick up the used containers for cleaning, leaving behind a new box with a fully stocked supply of reusables. The used goods are cleaned and sanitized back at their facility while employees compost the scraps.

Schwartz’s initiative aims to reduce the impact of consumerism in his hometown. Jackson’s population sits at just 10,000, but more than 2.6 million people visit annually. Focusing on the local population is a great place to start reducing waste, but the next step must create a realistic reusable system that tourists can use.

If you’re looking for sustainable options in Jackson, head over to and join Avant.

Avant Delivery
Avant Delivery provides sustainable grocery delivery, reusable takeout containers, and composting services in Jackson, WY. Credit: Avant Delivery / Facebook

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