Pro Snowboarder Jaeger Bailey Took His Own Life On Christmas Day in Mammoth, CA | 1993-2019

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Jaeger Bailey. image: @jaegerbaily/instagram

According to Pat Bridges of Snowboarder Magazine, pro snowboarder Jaeger Bailey took his own life in Mammoth Lakes, CA on Christmas Day 2019.

“On the evening of December 25, 2019, snowboarding lost one of the most colorful, charismatic, creative, talented, and authentic individuals to ever strap in and send it. The joy of the holidays has suddenly been juxtaposed with sadness with the news that Jaeger Bailey took his own life in Mammoth Lakes, California on Christmas Day.

Ultimately, Jaeger’s legacy in snowboarding looms larger than his 5’2” height, but for those who knew him personally, his good nature, wide smile and fearless style will be what we miss the most.”

– Pat Bridges/Snowboarder Magazine


“I woke up this morning hoping everything was a dream. I was just with you, we literally just talked. We just wish each other merry Christmas. I know you were deeply in pain, but now we are in more pain than ever. I feel horrible for not taking more extra time for you. My first duck hunting buddy.

We did lots of first things together, I was hoping to keep that going my friend. My best friend Rest In Peace Jaeger Bailey. I love you so much and this hurts me so damn much but I hope you are in a better place resting. I love you jb”

– Leo Aguado


If anyone is ever thinking of hurting themselves, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  • 1-800-273-8255

Suicide rates are unusually high in mountain towns and we all need to learn more about this very important issue:

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8 thoughts on “Pro Snowboarder Jaeger Bailey Took His Own Life On Christmas Day in Mammoth, CA | 1993-2019

  1. The family is the first to blame. Not his friends . They could have helped but maybe he didn’t want it. That’s where the family should have stepped in.

  2. Heartbroken. I can’t even imagine the pain his family is enduring. A permanent solution for a temporary problem. Their are many us that are crying with you. We didn’t have to know your son, however wish we did. We mourn and pray with you.

  3. Mental illness. If you know someone who is in this mental state you must act. Because you did not act he is gone. I know. I lost my twin. I begged his friends to take action and they refused. I hold them accountable for his death. Greg vautour, john talbot, micharl morse. And others. This should have and could have been prevented

    1. Joanie… Don’t pass blame and more hurt. Mental illness is a difficult diagnosis, and someone untrained can cause more damage. If you could not succeed in helping him, understand why others could not either. Please get help for your loss and deep pain.

    2. You should not be blaming these people. I’m sorry for your loss, but what if one of them was struggling too? What if they are right now? How do you not blame yourself in the same way? I am living it with my Mom right now and there is only so much I can do.. It’s terrible and sad.

    3. You are wrong, it’s not their fault. Don’t put this on them! It’s not your fault your twin did this either. Sometimes the pain is just to great to deal with anymore

  4. I am so sorry to hear this. Sending love, light, prayers and blessings to family, friends, and fans. RIP, Young One. You will always be loved by many.

  5. So sad! It’s not about fame and fortune, it’s not about “living on the edge”. It’s about where your heart is.

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