Pro Snowboarders River Surfing Jackson Hole

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Last weekend, D’Arcy McLeish wrote a great article about river surfing and tidal bore surfing.  One of the locales with a solid river surfing wave is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Jackson Hole ski resort just filmed a couple of local athletes hitting the river wave and showing us how it’s done.  

It’s very cool to watch the mechanics of how the first guy paddles in and pops up on the wave. 

“Yes, we have surfing in Jackson Hole. Check out Jackson Hole Mountain Resort athletes and professional snowboarders Bryan Iguchi and Cam FitzPatrick shredding the wave in Lunch Counter on the Snake River. Iguchi has even mastered a 360 on the wave.” – Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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2 thoughts on “Pro Snowboarders River Surfing Jackson Hole

  1. Snake river is a super fun river. Jumped in above lunch counter and swam it last summer during our rafting adventures.

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